The 5K That Became A Guideline For All 5k’s

The 5K That Became A Guideline For All 5k’sfeatured

Raise your hand if you have wanted to run a 5K or any race for that matter and you start off training then quit after a week. That was me. I can’t even tell you how many times I started and stopped running.  Lung burn is a thing Y’all! When I started back on my fitness journey after having my last kiddo I signed up for a 5K to keep me motivated. For me running was B-O-R-I-N-G! My thought was, if I had a goal to meet, something I actually spent money on, I would stick with it and get it done.  Well, it worked.

Mind you, I hadn’t run in years.  Sure before getting married and becoming a mom, I was a gym/fitness freak.  Well, that all fell by the wayside once that ring slipped on my finger and we were helping care for my mom. But that’s ok…..we all have seasons in life right? I thought I’ll get back to it soon enough.  Well, then came Mommahood. Best job ever! Best job ever that leaves you little time for self. Which is ok too. Becoming a parent means you are no longer first inline.  What I didn’t realize until years later….two kids later and several years after that was, we all NEED to make that time. We all NEED to have time to decompress, to breathe, and have a timeout.  Or we lose ourselves. Man, I wish I hadn’t taken so long to figure this out. I still struggle with it.

For all my non-runners out there….when you hear the word race, how does it make you feel?  How about when you hear the words 5K race? I can just picture your smile fading now and turning into a frown.  Yup, me too. I always thought it would be so great to run a race. People make it look so easy. Getting back into running was like lighting my lungs on fire!  It was horrible. I would keep starting and stop within a week. Until I found this amazing app. Ease into 5K. I’m sure you have heard about it. It’s just like the couch to 5K program.  Yes, you still feel like you are going to die when you first start out. The program is amazing though. It starts you off so slowly. A minute jog increments mixed in with a lot of walking minutes.  So my lungs were only on fire in bursts. When I got up to the 5-minute mark of straight running I wanted to throw a PARTY! Anyway, this is how I trained for the 5K I had signed up and paid for. I highly recommend the app.  

How about SHIN SPLINTS?  Are you grimacing at the thought too?  I know some of you have suffered along with me.  I would get them so bad just from one day of attempted running.  They would last for days. This, besides my lungs being on fire, was another reason I would start running and then quit within a week.  Well, my friends, I have good news! Want to know how I got rid of mine for good? This is going to amaze you. I mean your mind is absolutely going to be BLOWN.  Ready?!…..Shoes. Yup, I know. Who would have thought that the right running shoe would be the cure-all? Crazy I know. I am so glad I could help you with this part.  After years of trying all name brands, I found a brand that worked for me. After my first time out with this specific brand, I could not believe I had no shin pain. Not even the next day!  So my friends, make sure you go to a place to be properly fitted that watch how you walk so you can be fitted for the right style for you. Trust me, your body will thank you for it.

So back to this 5K.  I decided if I am going to run……it has to be something fun.  So I found the Color Run. The videos looked like so much fun and really who doesn’t want to run through color?!  Who doesn’t want to be a rainbow of color at the end of a race?! I mean, how is that for having proof of your hard work.  Count me in! This race was perfect for me. It wasn’t timed, you could walk, run, skip, cartwheel, crawl etc to the finish line, there were several heats, there was music, color stations every so many miles, and best of all a HUGE PARTY at the end!  WHAT?! This had my name written all over it. I love myself a good party.

So my first 5K I ran most of it.  I was so proud of myself. I ran it alone, which is way out of my comfort zone; but it was so empowering. I have done the color run 4 times now, alone as well as with friends and family(I kept those incriminating photos safe). If I could Color Run every month I would. The downfall to this race, I can never EVER, EVER do a plain old boring race.  This gal needs some pizzaz. Some funk. Some HAPPY! And this race is HAPPY! It’s contagious and addicting. This is the 5K that set the bar for all 5k’s. I don’t think there are many races out there to compare.  I am on the hunt!

How many of you are have done the HAPPIEST 5K EVER?!

Blessings friends!


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